At the Edge of the Far Wild

At the Edge of the Far Wild is a series of short stories set for publication in 2019, as well as a survival thriller novel (with no set publication date yet). Until the stories are live, this page will serve as a hub for content from the world of the Far Wild.

Engineers from the mighy Cyphite empire have discovered something miraculous. The natural properties of magnesia ore can be harnessed to power an incredible new invention: skyships. But the ore is scarce.

In the ever-expanding search for more, the empire has established its first colony, Lekarsos, in a vast, unexplored wilderness. Maybe there’s magnesia ore to be found, or maybe there’s something more, lurking at the edge of the Far Wild.

The Dead Man's Crusade

A sequel to "In the Garden of Giants" (below).
The ancestors thought the curse would humble him. They were wrong.

The first ten years of Harper's century of torturous unlife have made him more defiant than ever. With rumors on the winds of a sword that can kill even the undead, he sees his chance to end the curse and spite the ancestors one last time.

Respectable Work

Any aspirations of honest work were long behind him. Exile had that effect on a man.

Chen’s classical education has taught him a great many things. How to read and write, to calculate numbers, to record history, and even to interpret the mysteries of poetry and philosophy. What it hasn’t taught him, however, is how to lie, cheat, and steal. A shame, then, that he's working for the biggest liar, cheat, and thief this side of the empire.

Nine Parts Bluster

A monster stalks the ever-dark of Murkwater swamp.

A creature of nightmare made flesh. Though no one has properly seen it, the rumors about it are as abundant as the slashed and torn corpses it leaves in its wake. It’s wonderful news, assuming that you’re Senesio Suleiman Zhao, famed monster hunter, Champion of the People,
and murderous egotist.

In the Garden of Giants

Honor be damned, there’s glory at stake. 

It is the duty of great men to explore the wild unknown, to go where others will not. Harper fancies himself just such a man as he leads an expedition into the perilous Ghairkhan range. Often called the “Garden of Giants,” it is a sacred land meant only for the honored spirits of the ancestors, or so say the locals. But it’s the place of lesser men to fear the dead as Harper seeks to claim his title as the conqueror of Ghairkhan.

Kiss of the White Mistress

He’s always tried to do right by others, but the time for that is long past. 

Jao scratches out a living harvesting clams from the ever-dark of the Murkwater, but when his companions are slaughtered, and he’s taken captive, there's only one recourse: a feast.