The (Mostly) Monthly Newsletter

Below you'll find the archive of the (Mostly) Monthly Newsletter series, which details my writing news, current works in progress, and fun / interesting / embarrassing factoids about the life of an author. Not a subscriber? No worries! You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

 SPFBO announcement, tons of books on sale, oh, and terror birds

A giant komodo dragon, forthcoming sequels, and my alter ego

Servant of Rage has released!, recent interviews, and further evidence I've become a god

Free chapters from Servant of Rage, BooktubeSFF Awards, and how I've become a god

Book one title reveal, release date, and cover tease

 Announcing the Bloodrage Trilogy!

 Fictional bee hives, the last "new novel," and shit shines

Free books, novel switch up, and beacons of bacon

 Writing abroad, a new novel, and toilet humor typos

 A brief explanation, what to expect in the future, and a sample