Servant of Rock!

Music is a huge part of writing for me. It helps keep my inspiration burning, adds emotional weight to specific scenes, and generally keeps me grooving while I work. I’ve seen several authors post playlists for their books and I think it’s a totally awesome idea. As such, I’ve put together one for Servant of Rage!

There are some spoilers in the below notes. I’d advise reading the book before continuing.

“Sound of Madness” by Shinedown
Chapter One
In chapter one we’re introduced to Subei and his, as some would call it, suicidal ambition. I think that ties in rather nicely with the “sound of madness.

“Rooster” by Alice in Chains
Chapter Two, part one

This song oozes dread, pain, and regret. I think it pairs appropriately with the Old Father’s mentality as we meet him in the beginning of chapter two. He’s lived an interesting and violent life, and in his final days, he’s dwelling on that.

“Haunted” by Disturbed
Chapter Two, part two

This song kicks off with a thunderstorm in the background. How could I not pair it with chapter two, part two? It’s an angry, painful song, which goes right along with Subei and Bataar’s experience with the unnatural storm. Then we have the line “no medication can cure what has taken hold,” and hot damn, is that an accurate description of the bloodrage.

“Diamond Eyes” by Shinedown
Chapter Three

This song starts off calm, then boils into hard rock. That feeling is exactly how I imagine the moment in chapter three when the bloodrage first emerges in Subei. Bonus points for the line “the story’s just beginning,” which is all too appropriate a way to describe the burgeoning relationship between the two.