Nine Parts Bluster and Other Stories

Available for Kindle and in paperback, and complete with four of his most popular short stories, Nine Parts Bluster and Other Stories is Anthony's first anthology. 

A potent mix of madness, myth, and murder, with a sprinkling of black humor. 

A monster of legend stalks the shadows, surrounded by rumors as abundant as the slashed and torn corpses it leaves in its wake. It’s wonderful news, assuming you’re Senesio Suleiman Zhao, famed monster hunter, Champion of the People, and murderous egotist.

It’s the place of lesser men to fear the dead as Harper conquers the sacred mountains of the ancestors. Honor be damned, there’s glory at stake.

Jao has always tried to do right by others, but the time for that is long past. When his brother and companions are murdered by bandits, there’s only one recourse: a feast.

A classical education at the imperial capital has taught Chen a great many things. What it hasn’t taught him, however, is to lie, cheat, and steal. A shame, then, that he’s working for the biggest liar, cheat, and thief this side of the empire.

"Nine Parts Bluster is a 9 out of 10 bang-for-your-buck book. Cross the streams of Joe Abercrombie’s ‘Sharp Ends’ and Robert E Howard’s ‘Conan’, this is a clash of four short stories penned by a promising new talent." - Michael Everest, Fantasy-Faction Contributor, Author

"Anthony reminds me what it is like to read for pleasure again and be entertained."
 - Marc D. Crepeaux, Author, Reviewer

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